Picking My Grandma’s Attic

While searching through my grandmother’s estate to get ready for the sale in April, I stumbled upon some real treasures that I want to share with you! The house will be torn down so it was important that we went through the attic first. Some things were expected, like Christmas decorations and my dad’s report card. Others were quite surprising and exciting! Here are a few things I salvaged from the pile!


My dad tells me that this clock was one of the first presents he bought my grandma with his own money. It sat on her mantel forever and still chimes! He said she loved it because you only had to reset it every eight days instead of seven. Oh, the modern convinces of a digital clock, or iPhones for that matter! The iron is a real iron that you have to heat over a flame first. It’s super heavy and reminds me of the Monopoly game piece.  We found two big boxes of vintage Mason jars. There are about 15 more that I have to clean!

These are just two of the vintage cameras she had. The other ones will be sold in the estate sale. Isn’t it crazy how far camera’s have come?! The rolling pin will hang in my kitchen somewhere because it’s cool and I love it!


Obviously I picked this up for the husband. It reminds me of an old-school bowling alley pitcher but it will look cool behind our organ bar.


I have a special place in my heart for old crates. There’s just something so functional and rustic about them! This is the second awesome crate I have recovered from her house. The first one is still my favorite. Read about it here.


And now, for my most favorite find so far! May I introduce you to this gem?


Tucked away nice and tight in the attic was this beauty! As I stood on a ladder reaching up to retrieve the treasures my mom and uncle were passing down, I heard my Uncle Bobby yell something about a fan. “A fan? What kind of fan? Bring it down, I want it!”, I screamed! Had I been brave enough to scurry up there, I would have gone treasure hunting myself. The fan is beautiful and it still works! Quite heavy and solid through and through, it is a piece of art on its own.


I haven’t cleaned it up yet because I wanted it to be revealed in its true form. All I’ve been thinking about since I brought her home is where she will proudly be displayed! Out of pure curiosity, I looked it up on Ebay and these things aren’t cheap! They range in price from $50 to $200. This one has my name on it though.

Thanks, Grandma for collecting so many great things over the years! I can only hope that my grand children are half as happy to find my treasures as I am to find yours!


7 thoughts on “Picking My Grandma’s Attic

  1. The fan you found is great! That’s exactly the style I’d like to find for our kitchen once we take down the ceiling fan. 🙂 I’m sure you guys found a lot of really cool things while cleaning out her home.

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