OoTB: Outdoor Furniture Remix

I don’t know where you are geographically when you read my blog. Wherever you are though, I appreciate you! If you live in Northern Virginia, you know how finicky the weather can be. Last weekend I was ready to plant my garden but yesterday, I was bundled up like an Eskimo. Mother Nature seems to be having an identity crisis and that little groundhog was dead wrong.

I am still preparing for Easter in hopes that it will be a beautiful, spring day appropriate for drinks out on the deck. With that said, I knew I needed to give a few pieces a little face lift after braving the winter weather.


This beachy piece serves as a side table on our deck. I love that it has two levels. You can see that it’s seen better days. Ironically, I usually strive for the chippy-paint look. However, it’s obvious here that interior, latex paint just doesn’t like the natural elements. I felt as though it was calling out for a pop of color.

Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles!


This table needed more prep work than I initially thought. The paint was really chipping off everywhere so I had to scrap it down in some places.


After removing the loose pieces, I slapped on a coat of paint. I decided to go fairly light with the coat because I really liked how some of the white was showing through. After the drying process was complete, I lightly sanded and distressed around the edges where the original wood could peek through. Next, I applied a heavy layer of clear wax for added protection from the rain. The result was an intentionally weathered piece that has a subtle hint of color!

findecktable2WM  findecktableWM  findecktable1WM

I wish I could have put together my entire deck for you but it’s still rather brisk outside. Hopefully that will take place next weekend.

Don’t be afraid to use what you already have outside and jazz it up for warmer weather!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope it’s spring for good wherever you are!


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