Ode to Spring

Is anyone else starting to doubt that we will ever change seasons? Snow in D.C after St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t okay with me and I’m sure I’m not alone! So, in order to move things along in my own home, I swapped out my chalkboard decor for some uplifting, Spring spirit!


I look at it often throughout the day in hopes that it will urge Mother Nature along in some small way.

To ease my wintertime blues, I popped into Anthropologie the other day. If I ever won the lottery, I could easily blow it all in that store! It’s so dreamy. Instead, I picked up a few small items and made a beeline to the Sale section, which should be called, “Treasure Chest”.

Here are a few of my uplifting finds!


Speaking of pick-me-ups, how about drinking your morning cup-o-joe out of a beautiful and brightly colored mug? And who wouldn’t want to make something sweeter with this little jar?


These were a steal at $15 for the pair! I can’t wait to plant them with fresh herbs and put them out on the deck to catch some rays.


This tiny bowl was begging to be purchased. In a pale, robin egg blue, it has Spring written all over it. It’s a vessel for my basil now but tomorrow, who knows?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll post later this week about my *lucky* find on Craigslist!


2 thoughts on “Ode to Spring

  1. Omg! I went into Anthro yesterday and almost bought everything you just posted about! Hilarious twin moment! I didn’t buy them because Brian’s financial hounding popped into my head? Was this purchase in your budget? lol

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