Vintage Bottle Love

If you’ve been following along in my adventures, you know that I’m currently cleaning out my grandmother’s estate for a sale in a few weeks. After recovering from a quick and painful stomach bug this weekend, I mustered up the strength to clean up a treasure box of bottles I got from her house.

My Uncle knew these beauties were up in the attic because he found and collected them years ago at a job site. My eyes opened wide with joy as he passed the dusty box down to me from the hole in the attic!

bottles1WM bottles2

Yesterday, I pulled them out of the box one by one and soaked them in a bubble bath of soap. Running them through a steamy dishwasher cycle seemed to help some but not all. I will put some elbow grease into a few of them to shine them up. Or maybe not. The rust and dirt is somewhat charming. I know that my close friends and family are shocked that I just said that considering my neat-freak tendencies!

bottles4WM bottles3

I really love the bright blue ones. They’re such a vibrant and beautiful color. So now, what do I do with all of these vintage bottles?! I’ve used a few old bottles in my decor in the past.

I made these right after my grandmother passed away and you may have recently seen them in last week’s Out of the Box post.


Last summer, I stumbled across some vintage bottles at my favorite place, Old Lucketts Store and plunked a few feathers in them.


Since Easter and spring are somewhere hiding beneath all of this snow, I went searching for inspiration on how to use vintage bottles.


Here are some beautiful ideas I found!

In monotone groupings, these bottles make a wonderful statement!

Source: Pinterest

Of course they are lovely to put colorful flowers in. These were for a wedding centerpiece!

Source: Coricook

Source: Lianmccombs

Love the idea of making a “chandelier”


Source: Lovely Bride

I guess I’ll get to work on arranging using these bottles in creative ways! So many possibilities.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring break, even if the ground is covered in white stuff!



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