Easter Dinner

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I wanted to post about some simple decorations to make things look springy even though it was rainy here in VA! It’s nice to change out decor for holidays but there’s no need to go over the top. A few subtle changes are all it takes to make things festive!

Starting with the front door. My burlap wreath is a great staple to add to for different seasons. See the tutorial here. I added a green, gingham bow and some pink Easter eggs.


Throw in some bright, lemon accessories and some pale, pink eggs into a robin-egg Mason jar!


Natural looking moss makes a great, spring base in lanterns under clean, white candles. I also displayed a few of my branch candles, especially the one with bright, green rosettes!


Tulips and flowers are a must! For a cheaper alternative, try fresh herbs to add greenery like I did here with parsley!

easter1WM  easter4WM

On the main table where all the food was served, I arranged white flowers with yellow daffodils. The daffodils came from my grandmother’s yard and I placed them in vintage bottles with a pop of blue. The bottles were also found in her home while scouring the attic.


Silverware can sometimes look boring on a buffet table. It’s a great opportunity to jazz up a vessel to hold them in. I found four larger Mason jars in my grandma’s house. I bought a few doilies and the adorable crocheted flowers, plus a bird stamp on clearance, from Michaels. After stamping the bird onto the doilies and tying the flowers on, I used string I found in my grandma’s sewing drawer to loop around the jar.


And now for the treats! Place desserts on a colorful, vintage tablecloth. I found this one in… you guessed it, my grandmother’s house! I love the bright, cheerful colors!


Gluten-free, vanilla cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting, shaved chocolate and candy eggs. They were delicious! This recipe was inspired by Pinterest.


Goodies to give away to guests consisted of “smores” with Peeps!

easter9WM  easter10WM

Everyone left with super full bellies and a sugar high covered up by a wine coma. That’s a good party! I hope you all celebrated with family and friends and shared lots of laughs like my family did.

Shout-out to my hubbs. Thanks for taking such lovely photos for me!


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