OoTB: Creative Uses of Amoires

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a tweet that really impressed me with creativity and function! These two things are like any match made in heaven to me. Peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter with anything! I don’t know why I paired only food items. I just ate breakfast!

Speaking of breakfast, who wouldn’t want to fix a muffin and a cup of coffee in this adorable kitchen cabinet?

Source: Houzz
I would love nothing more than to hae a cozy guest house with something like this in it. It also works perfectly for small spaces or maybe in a basement where you have a guest room but no room for a kitchen.
For today’s Out of The Box, I wanted to feature other great ways to use armories or cabinets to store things creatively! I might even try to cram one somewhere in my house eventually. Don’t be scared Brian!
This is genius! What a great way to hide-away a sewing machine and all the nick-knacks that go with it! I would actually sew more often if I had this!
Source: Cottage Hill
Running out of space to store kitchen supplies or large containers for baking? Here’s a great way to organize it all beautifully!
Source: Remodelista
After all the sewing and baking, you’ll need to relax with a drink! How about turning a gorgeous amoire into a bar? Cheers!
Source: Brit & Co
For such tiny people, kids sure have a lot of stuff. If you’re short on closet space, this is a fantastic way to cut down the clutter!
I love the idea of painting an amoire a bright color, removing the doors and storing large comforters! It makes an unique storage piece a focal point in the room!
I hope these images inspired you like they did for me! If you’re running short on storage space or are looking to hide clutter, think about amoires! You can find them at vintage shops, thrift stores and often times, for free on Craigslist!
Have a wonderful weekend and craft on!


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