Estate Sales: Fun, Hard Work

I haven’t had too much time for extra projects the past few weeks. I’ve been focused on getting work done for the estate sale my family is having this weekend. My grandmother’s house was built long ago in the 1950’s so you can imagine how many treasures were inside! Although the task of organizing and going through all of it is daunting, it’s also really amazing what we have found. I thought I would give you a special sneak peek before the sale this weekend!

These are just a few of the items that will be for sale. It gives you a good idea of what my family and I have been busy finding the past few weeks!

This is an old desk that was in her guest room. It’s adorable but needs TLC. If someone doesn’t snatch it up, I’m definitely going to fix it up! As most elderly people collect over time, she has tons of old books and National Geographic magazines!


I had no idea how valuable old board games were until I looked them up!


Vintage cameras are really popular. Plop them on a shelf for decor or add them to a collection. Either way, she had quite a few lying around.


This credenza is a cool, retro piece that could be really amazing with a coat of paint and some hardware. It holds a few pieces of vintage music players and speakers.


Speaking of music, my grandma was pretty musical herself. We came across a number of awesome, vintage instruments. Some of those include a rare, double-row tambourine, bongo drums, a xylophone and my grandfather’s old accordion!


If you don’t want to make your own music, there is a wide selection of 8 track tapes you can listen too! I originally labelled the box, “A” Track tapes and quickly realized that was wrong when my mom and husband starting laughing. What can I say, I’m of the cassette and CD generation!


Along with some other great finds, we found this vintage radio and record player in the attic. If I had a record, I’m sure it would sound amazing on this!


Sewing and embroidery were hobbies of my grandmother. This old school Kenmore sewing machine is in great condition and can be tucked away in its own little table.


Along with some other great finds, my husband pulled these vintage typewriters and a projector out of the attic! I just can’t imagine typing this blog post on one those bad boys!


The coolest part of picking through the attic was coming across random items that I didn’t think were worth much. It shocked me every time I pulled something up on Ebay and saw that it was going for a decent amount of money!


I will certainly be relieved when the sale is over. But mostly, I just want all of her possessions to go to loving homes and to people who will continue to cherish them. It’s a weird feeling to be getting rid of her life in the house she lived in and my dad grew up in. I wish I could keep it all myself but I’m as far from a hoarder as you can get!

Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend. If you live in the DC Metro area, come by and check all these treasures out! I will also be selling a few of my hand-painted furniture pieces as well as my branch candles on Etsy!


2 thoughts on “Estate Sales: Fun, Hard Work

  1. I’m absolutely dying of laughter at the A-track comment!!!!! I hope your sale is going well! I wish I could make it over!

    • Haha I know! Even though it was at my expense, I thought it was too funny not to share! We’re going to have another sale in two weeks! Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th! I’ll send out reminders as we get closer. Hope you can make it!

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