OoTB: Using What You have

The weekend has arrived! We’re finally having my grandmothers estate sale. She passed away over a year ago but the time has come. I wanted to do a post on what goes on behind the scenes of an estate sale. Using what you already have can save lots of time and money! Here are a few ways I thought out of the box for organizing the sale!

Use any vertical wall space you can! The house is sadly being torn down soon when the land is sold. Putting holes in the wall was not a concern.


We discovered an empty shoe rack in her closet. Perfect for displaying shoes for sale!


I rigged this little corner using a ladder and an old curtain I found. Simple use a folding ladder to hang blankets on and place the rod horizontally through the middle to hang clothes off of! I think that mint green wall color is coming back around isn’t it?!


We used the existing shower curtain rod to hang suits and dresses.


I found this cool piece that was the bottom of a child’s play crib. Hanging it flat on the wall transformed it into a lovely place to display jewelry!


I also removed the closest doors in one room so that dresses were easily accessible.


If you are local to Falls Church, VA, please stop by the estate sale tomorrow and Sunday from 9-3 pm! There are some really great items and vintage treasures!

I will also be selling a few pieces of my hand-painted furniture and accessories.

DSC_0023 DSC_0056 DSC_0036 DSC_0059 DSC_0789

Come see me at 2021 Hillside Dr. Falls Church, VA 22043.

9-3pm Saturday and Sunday

You can find the original Craigslist ad here.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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