Putting Yourself Out There

It can be slightly intimidating to share your product for the first time with strangers. Until this weekend, the only people who had seen my work in person were my close family and friends. Even though I didn’t sell any of the pieces I displayed at my grandmother’s estate sale, it was a great opportunity to meet people, tell them what I love to do and hand out a few cards. People were very kind with lots of positive feedback.


I also offered a chance for people to sign up to win two of my handmade branch candles!

DSC_0036  DSC_0056

I am happy to announce that the lucky winner is Anna Aloizos! Congratulations Anna! I will be contacting you to see which two candles you would like!

It certainly was a beautiful weekend to be out in the yard enjoying the sun. My grandmother would have been doing yard work for sure yesterday so it was only fitting. I really enjoyed meeting people and telling them her story. There were some truly genuine souls that showed up to buy her things. I’m happy that a lot of her possessions went to new families that will treasure them as well.

We still have a lot of treasures left so I think the plan is to hold another sale in two weeks! I will send out a post as it gets closer with some of the remaining items and information.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to stop by and to my new followers and potential clients! Have a great week!


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