Darling Street Feature

In the wake of what happened in Boston yesterday, I thought it would first be important to share this.

wood pallet sign

This timely sign was made by Marie at Blooming Homestead and it’s a message I think we all could learn from. It has inspired me to create a sign like this to remind myself daily that there is plenty of good amongst the evil.

On a daily basis, I meet and talk to good people in the blogging community. Words of encouragement, compliments and genuine feedback are pretty positive. A few weeks ago, I received a lovely and exciting email from a woman named Penny. She runs a blog called Darling Street based in Australia!

“Darling Street is a community of decor enthusiasts, DIY-lovers, bloggers and renovators. It is an interactive site where you can gain inspiration for your own home or contribute articles, blogs, videos, before/after photos or DIY triumphs for others to see!”

I was humbled after looking through the site that she wanted to feature one of my projects! What a flattering compliment! So I signed right up for this great opportunity. Yesterday, she informed me that it was live on her site so I thought I would share it with my readers!


Here is the link for my post about the Kitchen Menu Board I made a few weeks ago. Spend some time on Darling Street and look at all of the other fun ideas and inspiring projects! Please like it on Facebook and Twitter! Thank you Penny for investing your time and support into my passion!

It only takes a couple of seconds to smile at someone, send them a thoughtful message or pay them a compliment. Treat others extra well if they are the ones who make the world a more beautiful place. Invest in those that spread peace and love and maybe one day, there won’t be so much evil and hate in the world.

❤ Boston.


4 thoughts on “Darling Street Feature

  1. This is so true, Meg. I began a “JOY” journal this year for this very reason. I try to write a few things each day that brought me joy and blessings. We really do need to encourage one another and look for the good in everything. God promises to use it all for our good and His glory. Thanks for sharing : )

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