OoTB: Wall Art and Milk Pails

It would have been easy to skip a post today. With all of the dramatic news scenes and tragedy, I almost didn’t even feel like writing or sharing. Then I thought that if we stopped our daily lives and habits, the terrorists win. So I went to the gym this morning, watched the news and went about my daily business. If for nothing else, this post is meant to inspire you to reuse things you have and to distract you from all of the sad events in the world.

My grandmother had a lot of art hanging on her walls in the house. None of it was expensive but they were prints that she loved. There were three frames in particular that were pretty large and in great shape including mats. My sister is moving in a few weeks and needed some art work for her walls. I got to work chalk painting the frames and knew they would be perfect for the prints I had from my sister-in-law! You might remember this post where I used her photographs from the Chicago landscape. Susan is such an amazing photographer and she was getting rid of some of her early work when we visited Chicago for Christmas. I snatched them up before she was going to throw them away! Gasp!

Here is one of the frames hiding behind the closet door in my grandmother’s house right above my head. That’s me and my sister Amy getting prepped for the estate sale, Starbucks close by of course!


They were pretty boring looking. My dad told us that my grandma had them custom-made by a friend so I knew they were important to her.


The photographs were actually lovely pictures of nature but they needed to be updated. After painting the frames in Annie Sloan’s Versailles green, I distressed and waxed them.

Here they are finished with Susan’s beautiful flower photographs! They will be so stunning in my sister’s new apartment!

granframeWM2  granframeWM3

Look around your house, thrift stores, yard sales and Goodwill for inexpensive, well-made frames. I don’t particularly care for brand new frames because they’re not made as well as older ones. I love that these custom frames will now have new life with my sister and that she has something that was really special to my grandmother.

Another treasure that left my grandmother’s house and got a makeover was an old milk pail she had. My dad used to help out on his aunt and uncle’s farm carrying loads of milk in them. My cousin, Meg (cool name, I know!), loved the pail and took it home with her. She re-purposed it for her back porch!


How cute is this?! The pail now sprouts a fresh basil plant and sits happily near her house in the sun. It’s a wonderful way to use something old and turn it into something new!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and that you kiss and hug your loved ones a little tighter.


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