Green Reminders

Happy Earth Day everyone! I’m so excited that it’s getting warmer. This means my green thumb (or lack of one) is itching to start growing stuff. I’m hoping to plant a pallet garden in the next few weeks with soil from my compost. For added inspiration, I thought I would throw in some other ideas on how to recycle old pallets! They are everywhere if you’re looking in the right spots. This is the one I would like to try for my own pallet garden:

pallet garden

Source: Pinterest

I love that you don’t need to build anything and that it can essentially go anywhere! Has anyone tried this? I would love to hear your tips and how it turned out!

Here’s another great way to plant a garden if you have a small balcony.


Source: Pinterest

I love this idea for bringing in color and greenery!


Source: Terra Savvy

If you have more space, this is a great way to get a garden up off the ground!


Source: Handimania

And where should you keep your tools for your pallet garden? Well on a pallet of course!


Source: Pinterest

Pallets are always on Craigslist for free. Also, try asking your local hardware store or paint store.

I can’t wait to get growing! Of course, with Virginia weather, I better wait until after Mother’s Day! Isn’t that what they say? Just yesterday, I thought I would try to get a head start with lettuce. I heard that if you put the end of lettuce in water and in the sun that they will grow back in days. We will see what happens!


As a side note, here are some beautiful blossoms that are surrounding my house!


I hope everyone does something a little extra green today! Happy Monday!


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