Husband’s Nightstand: A Year in the Making

That’s right. Poor guy had to wait almost a year since we moved in for a proper nightstand and dresser! But as they say, good things come to those who wait and indeed they did!

Just like Cupid, sometimes you get a little push from the Craigslist Gods to search randomly. One night before I went to bed, only after I looked through Pinterest, I decided to take a quick look on Craigslist for a nightstand. Low and behold, the third listing down was a nearly identical match to the nightstand/dresser I had re-finished last year! It was posted a mere 10 minutes before I found it so I immediately sent an email to the seller and snatched it right up!

This is the before picture of the antique dresser I repainted for my side of the bed.


This is the dresser I found just recently!


It’s like I found its long, lost fraternal twin! The finishes were slightly different because I think someone applied a dark stain to the first one. Ironically, both sellers said they picked these gems up at an antique dealer in North Carolina. It was fate.

I got to work right away to rescue my husband from using a shaky side table covered in burlap.

In this post , you can read about the process on the first dresser. I mixed my own chalk paint. In this case, it’s not always ideal to mix your own paint when you’re trying to match it exactly for another piece. Fortunately, I still had the color and wrote down the ratios so I tried my best to get a match. Here it is with the first coat.


This dresser also came with a charming mirror attachment for the top but I have other plans for that!


The color of the top wood surface was too light in comparison to the other one. After my supportive husband sanded down the top, I treated it with Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner.



The conditioning treatment only had to absorb for about 20 minutes. I grabbed the darkest color stain I had which was Dark Walnut.


Everything was looking good until the next morning when I went to apply a second coat. It was still pretty wet and hadn’t absorbed into the wood! Yikes! I let it sit for another day but inevitably, most of the dark stain ended up wiping right off. The problem was a thin layer of wood veneer. You can kind of see in this picture how it was cracking and bubbling on the top when we bought it. Apparently stain doesn’t like that stuff and neither do I! I cleaned her up as best as I could and had to roll with it.

In the end, all that matters is that Brian has a proper and stylish surface to store and place his belongings. Here are both pieces finally in harmony together again!


You can see how they were meant to be together in our master bedroom! This is a close up of how it turned out after two coats of a neutral chalk paint, clear wax, distressing and dark wax.

bridresser5WM  bridresser4WM

If ever you are randomly pricked by the Craigslist Gods, I suggest you peruse. It will be worth it I promise!


6 thoughts on “Husband’s Nightstand: A Year in the Making

  1. It looks fantastic! A perfect match. I really like that you’ve used dressers as side tables. I am forever trying to cram books, a lamp, jewelry box and a cup of tea on my regular sidetable. I need a dresser too!! 🙂

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