Round 2 of the Estate Sale!

If you have ever tried to sell an entire house of things, you know that it can not be done in one weekend. That’s why my family and I decided to have another estate sale this Saturday!

A few people have requested that I post about what still remains in the house. We did get rid of some good finds two weeks ago but there are PLENTY of treasures left! Here are a few items just to give you an idea.

Lots of pretty dresses and business outfits. It’s clear that my grandma had class and style!


Jewelry: Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.


Sweaters, blankets, bedding, and towels. We have a whole closet full of linens, some vintage as well.


A vintage collection of board games!


Old cameras. The $50 one on the right sold.


A vintage Westinghouse radio and record player.


A couple of really cool typewriters and a slide projector.


An old xylophone that’s really cool. Most of the other instruments seen here have sold.


Tons of awesome 8 track tapes and a player as well!


Vintage toys, video games and other items. The two “Yukes” are gone as well as the banjo.


Two sewing machines. One is built into a nice little table.


Loads of old books and National Geographic magazines! This desk is also a gem and has shelving on the back side so that it can float in the middle of a room.


An old accordion!


Close to all of our hearts, my grandmother’s piano that she loved to play. It’s a Kimball and in great condition.


These are just some of the bigger items but of course, there are lots of other things still waiting to be taken home! The kitchen is full of vintage dishware and vases. There are also some other furniture pieces including a really cool vintage dresser, two end tables and a few chairs.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, please come by and check everything out! I will also be displaying and selling a few of my hand-painted pieces and my branch candles.

branchesWM  burlapbranch


Come by 2021 Hillside Dr. Falls Church, VA 22043 from  9am- 3 pm and see what you can find on Saturday, April 27th!


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