OoTB: The Magic of Chalk Paint

My sister is getting ready to move in a few weeks. No one wants to buy completely new furniture when they move. In an effort to save money, she asked me to paint a few pieces for her to bring them back to life.

This multipurpose console table came from Target. It’s a great, sturdy little piece but has taken a beating over the past few years. She’s going with a more tranquil vibe in the new bedroom so we chose to paint this in Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue.


She currently uses it as a makeup table and a place to do her hair. There is a mirror hanging above it. I purposely didn’t stage it nicely so you could see how it is used on a daily basis. Sorry Heather!


I set up a quick little painting station right outside her room. I’m very careful!

Here it is back in its original spot with a nice and airy facelift.


When it comes time to move, think about what you can re-purpose and use in your new place. Heather was tired of this dark piece but with a little time and paint, it feels like an entirely new console!

If you’re looking for a painting project or you’re moving as well, come by our estate sale tomorrow on the 27th! You just might find something for your new place! It’s from 9-3 pm at 2021 Hillside Dr. Falls Church, VA 22043. Hope to see you there!


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