For the love of chairs

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We’re on to May tomorrow and that makes me happy. Since it is National Honesty Day, I have to tell you that I didn’t blog yesterday because the annual Great Grapes Wine Festival got the best of me on Sunday. Thankfully, I’m back to my old self today and ready to get painting!

The second round of the estate sale was somewhat successful. The Painted Branch did well too! I sold two chairs to a very nice woman. Like all wives, she was nervous about randomly bringing home pieces of furniture to her husband. To her surprise, and mine, she emailed me later that day to say that he loved the chairs and wanted two more! So, I wanted to share what they looked like and the process.

Here they are in their natural form. They are actually quite beautiful like this. The wood is a gorgeous cherry and the curve in the back makes them very comfortable to sit in. Even though they are really sturdy and heavy, I still thought they could use a little paint for improvement. My parents question why I always want to paint things. In this case, these chairs look like they belong around a table in a board room. They’re not conducive to stylish home decor.


In order to keep them versatile for a larger audience, I went with Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre. It’s one of my favorite neutrals right now because it’s not too light and adds a nice creaminess to any piece of furniture.

This is with one coat. Already looking updated an appropriate for any decor!


These are the chairs after a second coat, distressing and a clear wax finish.



After I complete the order for two more chairs, I will have three unfinished chairs left. A pair of them would be great with a matching desk chair! Or I can split them up if you’re interested. I would also love to see these chairs in Paris Grey. If you would like to order them in a custom color, please email me at! Remember, there are only 3 left! For the finished product, I’m charging $75 a chair.

If you’re on the east coast, I hope you make it through this dreary day. Blue skies are ahead!


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