OoTB: Nature as Inspiration

I’m definitely one of those people who will pass by someone’s trash and slam on the brakes if I see something good. People throw away perfectly good things and once it’s curbside, it’s fair game in my opinion! This morning on my way to work, I saw two pretty decent, square planters. They looked liked picket fences and would have been adorable placed around vibrant flowers. I didn’t have time to stop because I would have been late. My plan was to take the little one I nanny for on a walk and carry them back in the stroller! Exercise and free stuff? Yes please. Sadly, sometime between when I drove by the trash can and the time I walked by, the trash truck came. Drat.

Oh well. It was a beautiful morning filled with lots of azaleas and a cute baby.

flowersWM kyleWM

This would not have been my first experience treasuring someone’s trash. When I first started this blog in the winter of 2011, I had an idea to use branches as tea light holders. My parent’s had a fallen limb in their yard after a really bad storm. You can read about the initial process here.


It was trial and error, but the first attempt turned out like this.


I loved them and put them all around my house for the holidays and long after.

It wasn’t until last year after Hurricane Sandy that the branch candles crossed my mind again. While driving down a neighborhood street, I saw a pile of freshly cut limbs on the curb ready to be hauled away. I turned the car right around, walked up to the front door of the home and politely asked if I could help myself.

Thanks to a few Christmas gifts from my parents including vice grips, an electric drill and the use of my dad’s miter box saw, I could crank these puppies out! Now when I say “I”, that means with the help of my handy husband!

A few months ago, I opened up an Etsy shop and have been selling them ever since!

branchesWM  branchcandlesWM

branchburlapgWM  branchburlapWM

They make great hostess gifts, birthday gifts, or for rustic decor in your home! I currently have handmade, burlap rosettes available in natural, green and pink. I also just scored a really cool branch from the woods! It’s lighter in color and has a few awesome knots on the sides for extra charm.

Visit my Etsy Shop to check out more pictures and prices!

I hope everyone has a chance to get outside this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. Let nature inspire you!


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