OoTB: Painting Small Accessories

Chalk paint isn’t just for furniture! Of course I love to use it on larger pieces but what about the little guys? This is a great example of something can go from boring to beautiful.

My grandma used to put lots of fruit, and the occasional piece of mail, in this fruit bowl in her kitchen. It reminds me so much of her. But the wood grain and color also reminds me of the 70’s and that part I’m not so cool with.

I wanted to paint this cute, fruit bowl with a pop of color for my sister’s new apartment. She is a nutritionist and her boyfriend is a personal trainer so there is never a shortage of fruit!


I went with ASCP Duck Egg Blue, because let’s face it, you can never go wrong with Duck Egg! They have lots of greys, blues and neutrals in their apartment so it will work perfectly!

My parent’s always ask me why I want to paint everything. Well, this is why. It improves most things it touches and brings them up to date!


Now a treasured piece that might have ended up in the Goodwill pile can be enjoyed for a long, long time!


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