Chairs: A Test of Patience

I love chairs as much as the next person. They hold me when I’m tired, they are a good place to chat with a friend, and sometimes, they act as a step-tool for my tall cabinets. Painting them? Now that’s a whole other story.

These particular chairs actually belonged with the pedestal table that I found on Craigslist for our current kitchen. That blog post can be read here. This is what they looked like when I picked them up.

pedestalchairs5WM  pedestalchairs6

Now, they would actually be fine if you lived in a farm-house or owned a restaurant by a prairie. Unfortunately, my sister just moved into a brand new, upscale apartment in the city and was looking for something a little more chic. They are going to go with the pedestal table that I refurnished for her a few months ago.


The apartment is not huge so we decided to go with ASCP in Old Ochre so the chairs would blend in with the walls and neutral colors.

After hours of laborious work on these bad boys, I am happy to say they are out of my house and right where they belong!

pedestalchairsWM  pedestalchairs3WM

They are now nestled in a perfect, little nook. I’m sure they will host plenty of get-togethers and happy hours. I will make sure to sit in them every time I’m visiting so they really get their wear!

pedestalchairs4WM  pedestalchairs2WM

As much as I gripe about painting chairs, I’m actually really happy with how these turned out. The detail on the back is beautiful. Even though I loathe spindles, these are actually quite lovely.

Heather, I hope you enjoy dinner every night at this table! I will be there tonight to sit for hours in these chairs. I’ll bring the wine!


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