OoTB: Homemade Sunburst Mirror

While visiting my fellow crafty cousin, Jen a few weekends ago, I stumbled across one of her projects. It was a homemade, sunburst mirror and I fell in love at first sight! I’ve been wanting to make one forever but it’s low on my priority list. This was exactly the inspiration I needed so I thought I would share it with you for inspiration as well!

Here is how Jen’s turned out!

jensunburst2WM  jensunburst1WM

It’s made out of wooden dowels, wooden skewers, a charger,a  small mirror and spray paint. Cool right?! Purchasing a sunburst of this size would be super pricey. This fills out the wall nicely and creates a lovely focal point above the bed.

She followed this link over at Beach House in the City to build hers.

Here is another picture of the work in progress. Filling an empty bottle with rocks helped hold down the dowels while they dried.


I’m really excited to get going on one of my own. Who knows when that will be but I wanted to send out some sunburst love since it’s getting warmer and brighter outside!

Here are a few other sunbursts photos and links to get your creative juices flowing!


The Turquoise Piano


Healthy Wealthy and DIYs


Danielle Oakey Interiors


The Frugal Homemaker

Sigh. I just love sunbursts. Have a sunny, fun weekend!


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