Versatile Chair

I feel like I’ve been posting about chairs a lot lately. It’s funny because you’ve probably figured out by now, they’re not my favorite thing to paint. A few weeks ago, I sold two chalk painted chairs at my grandmother’s estate sale.

Here they are finished in Old Ochre. The lady who bought them ordered two more that I’m almost finished with.


This is one of the other two chairs with the first coat applied.


Why is this relevant? Well, it’s important information if you’re looking for chairs because I happen to have three left! They are still in their natural state and look like this…


If you would like to place an order for two or all of them, I’d be happy to let you choose the color that works with your color scheme. I think that they will be lovely in ASCP Paris Grey and I plan on doing at least one in that color if I don’t get a custom order.

They are perfect for occasional chairs in a living room setting, for placing in the corner of room, or for an office desk chair!

Contact me at if you would like to place a custom order!


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