Project Overload

I thought summer time was supposed to be lazy and relaxing. So far, since the weather has gotten warmer and we’re plunging further into the year, I feel a lot busier! I couldn’t even find the time to blog this week until today. I wanted you to know that I’m not MIA, just overwhelmed! Yes, I did take a mini vacation to the beach for Memorial Day, but I am not laying around by the pool eating grapes. Here is a peek at what’s awaiting me when I find spare minutes between work, weddings, and obligations!

I have lots of pallet projects in the works. One is going to be a sign, the other, a wine rack for my sister. Not shown here is the pallet I’m using to plant my garden. Better get on that I guess.


This little refrigerator needs to be painted to match the kitchen set I already did and sold to the family I nanny for.

garage5WM  DSC_0023

I plan on jazzing this little dresser up that I got from my grandmother’s house. It’s going in our guest room with a mirror on top of it.


I’ve had these two pieces for a while now that I’m refinishing for a client. She’s has no deadline so they’ve been holding stuff but I have to make room for more things! Time to get cracking!

The dresses in the bin were my grandmother’s and I’m trying to get them over to Dress For Success. So little time.

garage2WM garage4WM

This little play hutch matches the refrigerator and the kitchen. I’m thinking I’ll paint it separately and make it into a dress-up hutch for a little girl. I’m still brainstorming on that one. I welcome any suggestions or color ideas!


I’m dying to try a two-tone technique on this big guy. Plus, he’s just way too big to be sitting in my garage! The horse picture in the front is getting a chalkboard makeover.


And this is just a portion!

So as you can see, there are many projects that need my attention and I’m just one, tiny person trying to fit it all in! Those of you who know me well and how much of a neat-freak I am are probably SHOCKED that I’m fessing up to this mess. I know, I know. It kills me everyday to open my garage door but eventually it will all be beautiful!

I hope you are able to get some projects done this weekend while I’m celebrating my baby sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Amy!

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Project Overload

  1. Life can be full-on sometimes, can’t it? But hang in there because those projects look amazing! When I have heaps of projects swirling around in my head that I want to finish TODAY!!, I remind myself that patience is the key and just doing a little every day eventually brings great results and satisfaction – I sound like a bad magazine article!! – but it works.

    • Wow, thanks so much for the uplifting comment! I’m very much a person of instant gratification too so it’s hard for me to not get to everything in one day! I’m working on it :o) Chipping away one project at a time!

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