DIY Laundry Detergent

Sure, this post isn’t about furniture or a recycling project. It is however, about conserving money, energy and time. Recently, I have seen a lot of posts and Pins about people making their own laundry detergent. I was intrigued and consequently, almost out of my current detergent. My husband and I thought we would try it. After all, the particular post I followed from LizMarieBlog, claims that this one batch will last about a year!

Her recipe calls for the following:


1. One four pound twelve ounce box of Borax. You can use 2 smaller boxes. {Found in Laundry Isle}
2. Three bars of Fels-Naptha soap. You can use any soap of your choice. {Found in Laundry Isle}
3. one four pound box of arm & hammer baking soda. {Laundry Isle}
4. one box of arm & hammer super washing soda {laundry Isle} {not shown here}
5. four pounds of Oxy Clean {one small/one large container/laundry isle}
6. Laundry softener crystals for scent. You can mix these in to your laundry detergent or add them to your loads as needed.

Here’s how to make it:
1. Grate the fels-naptha bars into a bowl. It will look like a giant, delicious bowl of cheddar cheese!

2. Dump fels-naptha into a large container {I used a 4 gallon pale with a garbage bag inside}
3. Mix all other ingredients into the bucket & shake it all up together.
4. Place into container of your choice {I used a glass jar from Marshalls for $5}


It even looks pretty when you’re done! I’m excited to use it more and see how well it works. I did a small load last night and was pleased with the scent and how clean my clothes felt. Hopefully it will be a big money saver over the year! My husband and I did the math and estimated that we probably buy a $13 container of liquid detergent about every 2-3 months. That would be a total of $78 a year. We spent $35 on the supplies for this batch. Plus, we won’t be throwing away big, plastic containers every few months. It’s a win-win for us and the Earth!


I hope this inspired you to try to make you’re own laundry detergent! Thank you Liz Marie for sharing your recipe!


2 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Detergent

  1. I’m so glad you decided to give this a try. I use a similar recipe. I made my first batch Mach 2012 and just made my second batch at the end of April this year. It’s been great!

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