Pallet Sign: Be the Good

I know pallet projects are really popular right now. There are tons of ideas out there on how to use them on Pinterest and on crafty blogs. There is something so intriguing to me about taking a piece of used, cracked, rugged wood and turning it into something beautiful. I’ve been wanting to make a pallet sign for a while now so when my dad had a pallet lying around in his garage, I snatched it up.

Consequently, my craft-loving cousin, Jen, had a housewarming party a few weeks ago. I had just the gift for her! I got to work on a pallet sign for her adorable, little family!

I started by separating 6 boards from the pallet.


To attach them, I went to the scrap pile in Home Depot and one of the sale associates kindly cut two pieces to size for me.

Simply screwing the boards vertically to each horizontal board held the sign together nicely.


Since it was a single unit at that point, I gave it a quick run over with my sander to get rid of splinters and rough edges.


Next, I wanted to add a little color and age to the front. I made  a wash of ASCP Paris Grey and water and brushed it on lightly.

worldsign5WM  worldsign4WM

I was inspired to make this sign from a post I had seen on Blooming Homestead. It was the perfect mix of rustic and clean and the message was something I think everyone should read on a daily basis. You can find her tutorial here!

I didn’t have a stencil cut out like she did so I just free-handed the style of the letters as best as I could onto the pallet. You can see it ever so slightly in pencil in this photo.


Now comes the color and paint! I chose to use some acrylic paints that I had for their bright color and thickness. I went with white and yellow because I loved the look from the inspirational pallet.

Jen and her family came over this past weekend for a little birthday fun and summer BBQ and I presented it to them. They were super excited and it will hang in the boys newly remodeled bathroom! It’s a nice, positive reminder to read every morning!


Aren’t they the cutest?! I think I’ll make another one for my home.

Onto the next pallet project! More on that later…


4 thoughts on “Pallet Sign: Be the Good

  1. LOVE IT!!! Nice job, Meg…..I love that saying, and yes, everyone should have that sign hanging in their home! Jenn, your family is precious ; )

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