Lazy Summer Days?

I don’t know why I thought when summer rolled around, I would have oodles of time to paint and blog. Between changes in my work schedule, beach trips and other projects, blogging has been pushed to the side. I have lots of fun projects waiting in the wings so I’m really going to do my best to carve out more time to get them all photographed and documented! Please stay with me!

I had a few things left over from searching through my grandmother’s house. She had this frame in the attic and I thought it was pretty cool. The print was beautiful but dated so I did a little research to find out it’s value. It turns out that it’s a reprint and not worth much. So I decided to use the frame and transform it into something someone might use!


Chalkboard paint to the rescue!


After applying two coats of the chalkboard paint, I was going to experiment with a new Annie Sloan color, Aubusson Blue. I slapped on a brush stroke and it just wasn’t right for the look I was going for. So, I broke out the tried and true Duck Egg!

The plain chalkboard with a blue frame wasn’t interesting enough for me. I had some stencils lying around from the kitchen set I did so I thought I’d use that to jazz it up a bit.


A little clear wax and dark wax sealed the frame and now it’s new and improved!



You can find it for sale at Stifel and Capra in Falls Church if you’re local! There is also one more set of my branch candle trios there of the rosette variation. If you live further away from Northern Virginia, you can find the candles in my Etsy shop!

branchcandlesWM branchburlapWM


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