Paint Brush Cubby

In honor of the start of a new school year, I’m throwing the word “cubby” into this post! It reminds me of hanging brand new, character printed backpacks on gold hooks with bold-colored lunch boxes peeking out. Even though I am an adult, it’s nice to reminisce about innocent times in life when pure excitement and nerves were abundant.

When I was in elementary school, I remember how neat and clean I wanted my own personal space. My desk was immaculate and organized and my notebooks were stacked according to size. Some things never change I suppose. So, when my paint brushes were scattered along the sink in the basement bathroom and constantly falling on the floor, I had to do something.

This little project took me about thirty minutes and I used materials I had lying around.

For starters, I found a piece of scrap plywood and measured the length according to my wall width.


As you can see, it’s nothing glamorous. Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I slapped on a coat of Old Ochre and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Next came a coat of clear wax and then a little dark wax for an aged patina.

These were the materials I thought I might need to make this easy. But sometimes, projects are a little more tedious than first expected.


I used these metal, ring clamps to hang three Mason jars from the board.


The issue was that a nail or screw head would not fit through the narrow slits on the ring. So, on to Plan B.

I had my hubby help my cut a small slit in the bottom of one the openings to make more room for a screw.


After attaching the three, metal rings to the board, I simply slipped the jars in and tightened the rings with a screwdriver.

I love these claw hangers! They’re easy to attach and make hanging it on the wall a breeze!


Here is an updated, vintage take on elementary school organization!

paintholder7WM  paintholder10WM

paintholder9WM  paintholder11WM

Now my brushes can dry after a proper cleaning and the man-cave bathroom is not cluttered with my tools! This organizer is appropriate for a lot of different things! I actually got the idea from my friend, Rachel. She has one hanging in her bathroom for her make-up brushes and cotton balls. Super cute!

Have a fantastic, crafty week my friends!


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