Tiny Chair

Miniature versions of regular sized things are always more adorable. It’s why I love baby clothes and tiny shoes, mini ketchup bottles and that little version of Corona. When I came across this small chair in my grandmother’s attic, I knew I had to give it lots of love.


It was actually made by the National School Furniture Co. in Baltimore. The year was not indicated but I can imagine this chair in the corner of a one-room schoolhouse.


This sturdy chair was begging for a coat of paint. I had a sample jar of Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue and this was the perfect piece to test it out on!


Here is two coats of blue with a light sanding. It is common when lightly sanding a darker color that you might see white lines or scuffs. Those will disappear when clear wax is applied and then buffed. So don’t worry!


I originally envisioned this seat as a “time-out” chair. I was going to paint the word “THINK” on the back of it but I wanted to appeal to a larger audience. However, it is the perfect size for a toddler to think about what they just did!

tinychair7WM  tinychair6WM

It would also be appropriate for a pile of books in a child’s room or to pull up to a craft table or desk. The possibilities are endless!

In the coming week, it will make its way to a shop that I am proud to be a new addition to! I will touch on that exciting opportunity in a few days!


One thought on “Tiny Chair

  1. We call our time out chair at school the “Chil-laxin” spot. For chillin’ out when the student is a bit out of sorts, and a relaxing place where they can think! Grandma would love it!

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