Spreading Candle Love

Sometimes, receiving emails is mundane. Getting rid of the junk and getting through the muck is tedious. But there are some emails that peek through and make your day! I received one of those exciting emails a few weeks ago from a girl named Caydn (awesome name, I know). She owns a little shop named, Gathered, in Front Royal, VA. After finding my shop on Etsy, she asked me if I would be interested in selling my branch candle holders in her store! Of course I immediately jumped on board after seeing how adorable her shop was. She supports local artists and handmade goods, which I am super appreciative of.

I got to work in perfecting a large batch to drop off yesterday.


gathered9WM gathered10WM

I know a lot of you are getting ready to bring fall into your home! I added some scented tea lights that radiate the smells of Honey Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves. Delicious and cozy!

Speaking of cozy, how cute is the town of Front Royal?! After an hour-long drive, I arrived at my destination!


There are tons of cute, little shops and coffee spots, antiques and book shops. I was there in the morning when the stores were starting to open and locals were enjoying a cup of coffee with their papers. I love small towns like this where there’s a slower pace of life and an old-school feel.


Caydn’s store is down a small alley and just waiting for visitors who need unique and hand-made gifts!

gathered3WM  gathered4WM

gathered5WM  gathered6WM

I loved everything in there! If you’re ever near Front Royal, stop by Gathered! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Cadyn, for giving me the opportunity to share my craft in such an adorable, creative space!

My journey didn’t end in Front Royal though. I traveled further north for another stop.

How could anyone be unhappy with this as an office view?!


I made my way to the town of Purceville to see my friends at Everyday Elegance!

everyday elegance

I delivered a bunch of candle holders there as well as a few hand-painted accessories.

More exciting news! They have so nicely asked me to get painting and supply them with all of the furniture I have in my garage! I’m thrilled to be a part of their lovely space and will be in the shop learning their ways a few days a month!

In the next coming months, I will be a busy little bee but I’m excited for all of these new opportunities and adventures for The Painted Branch!


7 thoughts on “Spreading Candle Love

  1. Congratulations on the new adventures!
    I’ve had family in Front Royal for years so I know what a great place it is. Make sure you visit the Apple House this fall!

  2. Congrats on your new opportunities, Meg! Was thinking of you and Brian last night, as I made a double batch of “your” granola … took half of it down to Carl today to help him start his new semester at CU-Boulder.

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