Virginia is For Lovers

I know it seems like summer is over. Technically, we have a few more official weeks so why not embrace it? For my husband’s 30th birthday, I got him a little getaway to an inn in Virginia called The Mimslyn Inn. It’s a charming place set atop a hill that overlooks the town of Luray, VA. We’ve been to the town before and on the way there, we love to visit a few (or four or five) wineries along the way! The scenery is so beautiful that I had to share our journey. Here is a picture story of our weekend. We just happened to go on Friday when the weather was absolute perfection!

Just a few minutes away from home and this is the view!


Our friends at Phillip Carter Winery took such good care of us!

luray1WM  luray2WM

luray3WM  luray4WM


After a full day of hopping to and from a few beautiful vineyards, we made it to the inn!


Before dinner, it was essential to take a quick, twenty-minute cat nap. That’s the beauty of being on your own schedule! The meal that came next was absolutely exquisite and delicious! The desserts were incredible. Thanks to my mom and dad for calling ahead and surprising us with a birthday dinner!

luray7WM  luray8WM

The next morning, it was time to do something active to burn off dinner the night before! Luray is known for its bike trails and water sports. We brought our bikes with us to enjoy a leisure exploration of the town! It was a gorgeous day to be out in nature.

luray12WM  luray11WM


What we discovered next was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! All of you antique enthusiasts would have loved it but It was a tad bit creepy.

We stumbled upon a sign for Luray Antiques and Design Center. Making a steep climb on a gravel road, we made it to the top of a hill with a massive warehouse upon it.

luray20WM  luray21WM

Words cannot describe everything that was inside. Photos probably don’t even do it justice. Imagine a huge warehouse filled with hundreds of vignettes. Every tiny room had a theme and was filled with antique furniture and accessories. Some rooms had painted, striped walls, others had glittery chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. While that all sounds beautiful and tidy, there was an overall haunted-house feeling. Some rooms were dark toward the back with dusty couches and a random cat lying on a chair. Here are some photos to help explain!


Yes, that’s my husband’s hand to show the scale of this painting! I was oddly drawn to it.


luray15WM  luray16WM

luray17WM  luray19WM


There were some beautiful things in there amongst other weird pieces that freaked me out. I’m glad we went in and explored but at night, this might be the scariest place on Earth! I was happy to ride down the gravel road to more picturesque views!

There’s something about a red barn against a cloudless, blue sky that just gets me!

luray22WM  luray23WM

Along the path near the river, we rode along and stopped to enjoy the views.

luray24WM  luray25WM

luray26WM  luray27WM  luray28WM  luray29WM

luray30WM  luray32WM

Virginia really is for lovers. We had such a great time getting back to nature and spending time one-on-one after the hustle and bustle of  summer! Don’t forget to take advantage of the last few days of the season!



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