Produce Stand for Imagination

Some of you might know that I have been a nanny for a number of years. Most of the children I have looked after have become part of my heart and I love them like my own. That’s why sometimes I gravitate toward transformations that a child would love. Imaginative play at a young age is such an important teaching tool.

When I received this piece from my mom’s friend, I wasn’t sure initially what I wanted it to be. You may remember I took a poll from my readers a while back in this post. Of course, you guys came up with some awesome, creative suggestions!


It would also make a darling book/library stand!


Could be a really cute lemonade stand…. add large wheels, perhaps a awning, or remove the top part add an umbrella and fasten some sort of handle for a miniature ice cream cart…. hmmmm the wheels are turning. lol :)

Or…..a child’s potting bench…. I kind of have potting bench on the brain. :)

These ideas definitely got my wheels turning and made me wish I had more than just one to work on! Inevitably, I ended up going with my friend Courtney’s idea because it was also one of my original visions for it. Plus, I have an obsession with going to the farmer’s market on Sundays and I wanted to pass that love on to a tiny person. Thank you for sending in your suggestions everyone!

Betty Bakedgood

I see a fruit and veggie stand!

Here is what it looked like before.


Simple, boring and old.

Since I was going for a fresh, farm-stand look, I ended up using Annie Sloan’s Versailles. It’s bright and cheery but it also keeps that vintage feel. I hand painted the top, front panel to look like an awning at a little market. Here it is before that detail and with one coat of paint. Oh, forgot to mention that first, I painted the back surface with chalkboard paint for versatility and creative drawing space!


I love this piece because who didn’t love playing grocery store when they were little? It’s great for storage and can easily go in a playroom or kitchen without sticking out like a sore thumb.

producestand4WM  producestand2WM


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece. You will find it under the Shop section. Christmas is coming up quickly by the way! It will soon be heading over to Everyday Elegance in Purceville later this month if not sold.

Email me at!


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