Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the Rescue!

This is a great example of trial and error. When we DIYers and furniture painters feel the desire to try a new product, there’s always a chance something can go wrong. The beauty of paint is that nothing is permanent and with chalk paint, there has never been a truer statement!

I wanted to give my grandmother’s chairs a fresh, updated look. I went to Old Luckett’s Store the other day with my in-laws to share my happy place with them. I was actually killing two birds with one stone because I also needed to restock my chalk paint supply. To my dismay, they are no longer carrying Annie Sloan. However, Lucketts now carries a new line of paint called Amy Howard at Home. It claims to be a one-step paint with no sanding or waxing if you chose. My sister-in-law bought a can of one of the white tones to paint a frame with. She ended up leaving it in my garage so I decided I would give it a try on the chairs.

Here is what one of the chairs looked like before. Nothing special but I loved the shape of the legs and the detail on the back.

purple chair1WM

I used the Amy Howard paint for the first coat with every intention of finishing it in that with a second coat.


The consistency is much different than I expected and definitely feels and looks more like latex paint. The coverage is more streaky than chalk paint. That part I didn’t care too much for and that is why I ended up painting the second coat with chalk paint. It definitely rescued my project!

After applying Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre, I sanded and waxed it. The seat was clearly not going back on in its current condition. Fumbling through my fabric, I came across this beautiful, lilac burlap that I’ve had for a while.

Here it is all finished, bright and refreshed!


There was another chair as well but in my excitement to finish it, I forgot to take a picture. Even though they are different styles, I made them match because I like that they’re the same but different. Is that an oxy moron?


They will make their way to Everyday Elegance soon along with a load of other furniture! Email me at if you are interested in buying these sweet little chairs!


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