Sweet Little Bed Frame

I always appreciate furniture donations! When people are aware of your craft, they are usually more than willing to get rid of things that eat space in their homes. I have acquired some beautiful pieces from friends and family to make over and I hope I do them justice in their transformations!

We have neighbors who have been family friends for years. My mom provided daycare to their two, young ones since they were babies. They’re now in college but we have remained close with them for years! They asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to have their daughter’s bed frame from when she was little. When I saw how sweet and beautiful it was, of course I snatched it right up! Immediately I saw ASCP in Paris Grey slathered all over it!

This is how it looked when I picked it up. It was actually beautiful as it was but had some scratches and worn wood in some places.

bedframe1WM bedframe3WM

That’s right, I’m painting again in my basement. On the carpet. It’s the only place I had enough room to set it up! My garage is jam-packed with projects. I use a lot of old throw rugs for mats and the black fabric is an old shower curtain. They are thicker and more protective than plastic, quieter and easily washable!

The feminine shape and posts on this bed were just begging for a soft, French color of paint!


Look at how quickly a piece can go from dark and rich to light, airy and charming! Of course, it wasn’t quite as quick as you are seeing now! It took a few days to get the entire process done including drying time.

bedframe7WM  bedframe4WM

bedframe5WM  bedframe6WM

I do apologize for the lighting! There were only so many places in my basement that I could roll it to for photos.

I will post this precious piece in my Shop but it may be making a trip to Purceville later this week to sell in a shop.

Email me at thepaintedbranch@gmail.com if you are interested in making this a feature in your home! I also have the flat board piece that acts as a box spring!


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