Double Decker Side Table

My mom says she remembers this style of a side table from the seventies. I can’t remember what she called it. In any case, I discovered this charming table in my grandmother’s attic.

tieredtable7WM  tieredtable6WM

I loved that it had two levels and the shape and detail along the edges. It’s so dainty but the brown wasn’t helping its cause. ASCP Paris Grey was the perfect choice to add a European touch.


Just some slight distressing and clear wax really brought out the delicate details on this table, don’t you think?

tieredtable3WM  tieredtable2WM


It would make a nice little side table near a couch or a reading chair to rest your coffee cup and a book! Pick a level!

In the next few days, it will make its way out west to be sold in Purceville at Everyday Elegance. Make sure you check out the Town Wide Tag Sale over Columbus Day weekend!


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