Coastal Dresser and Furniture Delivery

Sometimes you will come across a piece of furniture that immediately speaks to you. It tells you what it wants to be and the potential of its makeover is obvious. That happened with a dresser that was in my grandmother’s house. I never really noticed it when she still lived there. When I was cleaning out her home for the estate sale, it stared at me every time I walked into the room as if it was a character in a Disney movie. I imagine if it had a voice, it would sound like Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. You know her as the ornate amoire with the tea-cup son. For whatever reason, I knew I wanted to re-style this particular dresser to possess a coastal feel. I think it was mainly because of the drawer pulls.

Gdresser5WM  Gdresser4WM

They remind me of seashells on the beach and the top curve is reminiscent of the waterfall style.

Originally, I envisioned it in a bright and neutral white. My grandmother had previously painted it in a bold blue, which I actually really like. It was important to honor her work so the plan was for that blue to peek through to enhance the coastal look. This is another story of how you have to roll with the punches when painting furniture!

Trial and error is an important step in developing what products you gravitate towards and your style. I wanted to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and I chose this dresser to dive in. At Stylish Patina in Falls Church, I picked up a few more cans of Annie Sloan and a bag of Ironstone Milk Paint.

Gdresser1 Gdresser2WM

What came next surprised me. I am a huge fan of Marian (Miss Mustard Seed). However, I was not a fan of how this paint mixed and adhered to this piece. The smell bothered me and it was really gritty and thin.


Now, with that said, I may have done a few things wrong even though I followed her instructions. These are my opinions and it doesn’t mean I won’t try another color in the future. But, for this dresser, I wasn’t feeling it. So, to fix this, I applied ASCP Duck Egg Blue over it. The end result was pleasantly surprising. I was able to sand through the Ironstone and Duck Egg down to that royal blue. The look I was going for was definitely achieved with the layering of these colors.

Gdresser8WM  Gdresser7WM

After clear waxing it and buffing it, I believe it’s much more beachy than it was before. Maybe it’s not the right season for this look but I’m sure there are those that love the beach year round and have a room in their home that takes them there!


You can find this lovely dresser at Everyday Elegance in Purceville, VA. The Town Wide Tag Sale is this weekend so make sure you get out there if you’re local!

In fact, my super supportive husband helped me deliver a load of furniture there this week. We beat the rain and dropped off a few big pieces!


I had to squeeze in the back for the ride because a small side table got shotgun!


Thanks for all of your love and support Brian! Happy 4th anniversary today ❤


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  1. Meg-

    I have the exact same dresser from my grandmother-

    Vicki Hanstedt-Parker CONTEC, Inc. Cell: 847.778.6298

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