Desk or Changing Table

I know what you’re thinking. Something painted Paris Grey again?! Well, I had some left in the can and I wanted to use it up before I went out and invested in another can of paint. It’s not cheap!

This desk is special because it belonged to my grandmother, like so many other pieces I have recently painted. What’s unique about this desk is that it has the ability to serve two purposes. We will address that in a minute. Here is what it looked like when I inherited it.

PGdesk4WM  PGdesk5WM

It was in pretty bad shape, I will agree. The water stains on the top are from her potted plants that sat in front of the window. Even though there were unsightly surface blemishes, I knew it could be transformed.

I started by removing the hardware. After painting one coat of ASCP Paris Grey, I realized that those water stains were bleeding through and they might cause me problems. The trick would be to seal the top and then paint another coat. I happened to have just the thing!


I used Minwax Clear Protective finish to seal the top before I painted another coat of chalk paint over it.



It worked like a charm so I carried on and finished it up with a little distressing around the edges and a coat of clear wax.

PGdesk2WM  PGdesk3WM

What I love about this desk is that it has two functional sides! You can float it in the middle of a room because the back side has shelves. I imagine this piece as a changing table in a baby’s room. You could put the drawer side against a wall and use the surface for a changing pad. The shelves would be great for baskets of diapers and other baby necessities. Once the baby grows up, you can flip it around for them to use as a desk! Dual function furniture pieces are my favorite!!

PGdesk2WM  PGdesk1WM

This beauty is for sale at Everyday Elegance and I’m actually not sure if it is even available still. I will be there tomorrow from 1-3 if you’re local and want to stop by and say hi!

Have a fantastic weekend!





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