Crafty Inspiration and Some Insight

Back in January, my husband and I drove to Louisville, KY for a business conference. It was our first experience using the fairly recent lodging website, airbnb. If you haven’t heard of it before, it allows you to search for a place to stay wherever you are traveling. We’re not talking hotels here. People offer up their homes, apartments, rooms, etc. to travelers as they are passing through. The opportunity fell into our lap at the last minute so we took a risk and dove right in. At first, I was a little worried about staying in a stranger’s home in a strange city. What happened next was pretty awesome and turned out to be a wonderful experience. The house was so charming and unique that I wanted to interview Ashley and Luke, the owners, and find more about their style.

Here are some inspirational pictures of the house and her answers to my question! Enjoy!


Where do you get your sense of style from? Was your mom or dad particularly crafty or thrifty?

“Good question and I have no idea! Luke’s mom is kind of thrifty but he said he didn’t notice it. Luke just jokingly said he gets his from BET. What a goof. I have to come back to this question. Well my parents weren’t thrifty or crafty that I know of. Most of my crafting has come from just randomly getting into things and that comes from my dad. He was a mechanic and dabbled in everything so even though he didn’t do crafts, I think I get that from him. I mean, I even love to be the fixer (fixed our washer) and I grossly love to clean the drains out in our sinks! It’s so nasty but rewarding!! Luke said we don’t know where our sense of style comes from. We just know what we like. I hate to admit it but I am sure it comes from all the ads and things we see especially, with Target. I don’t like thinking that we are so influenced but I think we are. Oh, and a lot of things I like are because they remind me of my great grandmother’s house.”

If you had to choose only one material or tool that you couldn’t live without, what would it be and why?
“Such a tough question! I guess maybe paint in general because it does so much to a space. But then for a small tool, I really love my little pliers I use for jewelry making. No wait! Maybe super glue or duct tape. I tend to lean towards super glue for anything. It just fixes so many things!”


Where is your favorite place to shop or gather decor from in Louisville or any other place?

“Louisville has a lot of great places to find things. There are so many thrift/antique stores. Luke and I used to go thrifting all the time. One of my favorites is a place called Smoketown USA. It’s a bbq restaurant but in the back, the owner has all kinds of random stuff she finds and sells. I’ve gotten an old door, chairs, wall decor, cabinets, and so much more there. Louisville also has “junk day” which is where people set stuff out on the curb for the trash to come and it is great to find furniture! Luke says estate sales are goldmines. Popular places we like are Ikea and Target.”


Did you do any renovating to your home before you bought it and what were the changes you made besides aesthetic ones?
“We didn’t do any major changes before. We just recently re-did the back bathroom because it was nasty!!! We painted a lot. I have some before pictures of the house before we moved in. I’d love to get a new kitchen floor but it would be so expensive. We really just did the bathroom, tore up the yard to clean it up. Oh, I did rip up the foyer and bedroom floor and then painted. The foyer and bedroom floors were so ugly and I discovered hardwood under them so that was exciting!”

Before picture of the kitchen:
What is your favorite craft or hobby?
“I make jewelry- well I did but I haven’t in a while. I love making jewelry and pottery but since I had my daughter, I just haven’t gotten back into it. Luke says he loves to doodle and he totally does! He wants to get a sharpie and doodle on our basement walls in our new house!”

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
“We are bad at these types of questions! Luke says the enjoyment of creating a comfortable space. I say the memories of my great grandma’s (Mom Ruby)”

Burlap or cotton?
“Burlap. But I do love a white cotton with some lace material on it!”
Wood or metal?
“Hmm, tough. I think it depends but I would lean towards wood and Luke towards metal.”

Cool colors or warm colors?

“Cool for sure and then whatever whites and grays fall under because we seem to do a lot of those. And brown- I love brown!lukeashleyhouse6

What do you disagree on the most when it comes to decorating or crafting? Agree on the most?

“We don’t disagree on much but Luke thinks maybe wall decor and the amount of stuff in a room. He likes less and I always want more!”Agree on the most: We both love chairs! He actually tried to tell me to stop buying so many at one point but then he gave in and now has an addiction as well! We really do work well together and agree on most things so this is kind of hard! We agree on color but i think it’s because he is color blind!”

What’s your philosophy on hanging stuff on walls? Eyeball or measure twice hang once?

“We are totally eye ballers! We typically don’t do anything “by the book” or according to any directions!”


How do you balance each other out?

“We somehow make sure the other doesn’t go too far with our specific tastes- we kind of calm each other down. Luke would be more modern and I think I would go off the deep end with antiques and shabby chic! We also are a good pair because when working on things, Luke is great at getting us started (I like to dilly dally) but then once we get going, I am the strong finisher when he gets tired of the project. We are a bit backwards as well because I like to do the handy-work and work with the tools.”

Coffee or tea?

“Luke says both and I say coffee with LOTS of creamer! If we are talking tea- sweet tea only!”

What are some projects coming up for you guys in the near future?

“Well we just bought another house and are keeping the Louisville house for airbnb so that equals a TON of projects! We had to redo some things in the Louisville house but kept most of our decor there which has proven to be tough for our new house. The new house is slowly coming together but it is hard when I go back to the other and it’s all cute and put together with things I love!


Biggest pet peeve when it comes to home decorating?

“The time it takes! I love having things done but it takes so long. I mean it really took our whole four years at the Louisville house to get it how we really liked it and now we are starting over in New Albany, Indiana.”

Thank you Ashley and Luke for opening up your home to perfect strangers and allowing us to enjoy your charming, cozy home for the weekend!
Readers- I hope these photos, questions and answers inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and create a space that you love to surround yourself and family with!


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