Room Redesigns

I for one LOVE instant gratification! Which why I also love looking at before and after pictures. I can only assume it’s the same reason why HGTV has become so successful. You can watch a major project renovation go from start to finish in 30 minutes! What’s not to love?

For all of us “doers” out there, we know all too well that it’s not so glamorous when you’re up to your elbows in paint. Even though it can be hard work, I still love the process. Here are some of my favorite projects!

My parent’s built their home in 1987 where we were raised. This is their dining room that hadn’t been touched, design wise, since the late eighties. In 2008, I decided it was way overdue for a makeover!


My parent's dining room 

We added a fresh coat of paint to every surface, including the tedious, dental crown molding, added a sisal rug, linen curtains and some Nantucket like accessories. I also spray painted that awful brass chandelier and added some shades for an inexpensive upgrade.



Most recently, my sisters, Heather and Amy, and I, redesigned our parent’s guest bedroom while they were away in Hawaii for a week. It was A LOT of work to do in a week but somehow, we got it done! Where there’s a will there’s a way my grandma always says!

Before: We all have those rooms or spaces that turn into storage when they could be used more efficiently!


After: We went with a soft, pink and feminine pallette because our grandma stays in this room frequently when she visits. We wanted her to be able to enjoy the furniture, which was her mother’s, and to be able to relax in the room.



Photos courtesy of my very talented husband! I will learn from him.




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